Following these simple tips, you will be able not only to orient yourself among a great number of taxi services in Belarus, but it will also save your time, money and nerves.

• If you travel from a bus or railway station or from the airport, it will be cheaper to call a taxi than go with the taxi drivers that stay near the station.

• Please note that calls to short numbers are paid more than calls to regular numbers. Our site provides all numbers of taxi services so that will help you economize your mobile phone balance.

• Remember that the average time of waiting for the taxi is 15 minutes. Keep it in mind and call a taxi in advance.

• Belarusian cities have practically no traffic jams, but if you call a taxi during the rush hour or in poor weather conditions, remember that it may need more time to find a car for you.

• The cost of your trip is calculated by the taximeter. The cost includes subscription (delivering, boarding and minimum travel, usually 2 or 3 km) and your travel in km. All taxi services have different tariffs. All tariffs you can find on our site. But remember that price is not always equal to quality.

• Remember, if you plan a group trip of five or more people, you need to order two or more taxis, or order a minivan. Some services charge extra cost for ordering a minivan. So the cost for ordering a minivan can be different from the cost for ordering a regular car.

• If a taxi driver in your opinion overprices and does not use a taximeter, call the traffic superintendent who should solve this problem.

• Always try to pinpoint the address where you are. Special apps (Android, iOS) which determine the address automatically can help you to order a taxi online.

• Try not to forget your personal belongings in a taxi but if this happens, immediately contact the taxi dispatcher who will be able to help you.

• Do not forget to fasten a seat belt. It will save you money in case of a traffic policeman stops and increase the level of your security.

• A taxi driver have to choose the shortest route. But you may correct the way as you like, just tell the driver about it at the beginning of the trip. Very often the taxi drivers offer the clients all possible routes.

If you use the same taxi service regularly, inquire about bonuses for regular customers. Some services provide discounts or even free trips for their regular customers.

• If a controversial point between you and a taxi driver occures, call a taxi dispatcher who must solve the problem.

Drive with pleasure and without difficulties!

Best regards, team