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Taxiinfo.by is an informational portal, which aims to provide Belarussians, as well as visitors to our country with actual information about Belarussian taxi services and taxi in Vilnius (Lithuania).

On the site you can find not only the taxi contacts, but actual tariffs, full list of services and their cost. All information is provided directly by taxi services, or taken from the Internet. Relevance of the information can be easily tracked by dates of updates that are listed under each individual taxi fares.

All services are sorted by price, and rating, which is made based on objective assessments of users of a particular service. This will allow you to choose the best taxi service in terms of price and quality. It should be noted that the site is protected from deliberate "cheating" rating, which allows to provide visitors with the most objective information on the quality of a taxi service.

Besides the rating, any user, having an easy and quick registration procedure, can leave a comment about a particular taxi service or taxi driver, both positive and negative.

What to do if you cheated? How long before the trip to call a taxi? Where to complain about irresponsible or rude drivers? Answers to these questions and a large number of other useful information about taxi services you will find in the section "Tips".

The function of conversion tariffs into foreign currency and the English version of the site will be helpful for foreign visitors.

We hope that the project taxiinfo.by will make it easier for you to find and choose a high-quality taxi service in any Belarussian city.

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Privacy policy:


We don't collect any personal information about our clients except the cases when you sign in with any social network account and leave a review for a particular taxi service. In such cases we will save your name, picture and link of social network account as part of your review to give opportunity other visitors to ensure that the review was left by real user but not fake one.


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